Pastor Nominating Committee

Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) Update (March 27, 2020)

I want to take a moment to update everyone on the progress of the PNC. (We have had to learn the meaning of many acronyms!) Since we were elected by the congregation, we have been hard at work following the process as outlined by the PCUSA. We began with the first of two two-hour training sessions conducted by representatives of the Presbytery Committee on Ministry (COM). This training concentrated on organizing the PNC and instructions on completion of the Ministry Information Form (MIF), which is like a resume for our church. We were told that this process usually takes an average of 6 to 8 weeks to complete.
Training complete, we went to work on putting together our MIF. This document includes information about the church (membership, attendance, demographics, etc.), answers to four narrative questions, leadership competencies desired for new pastor, salary and job description. Once the MIF is complete, we had to present it to the Session for approval and upload the MIF to the PCUSA Church Leadership Connection (CLC) System where it is approved by the Presbytery and released to begin the matching process. We completed this work in record time, just over two weeks!
The next step will be the second two-hour training session which will cover to procedure for reviewing Pastor Information Forms (PIF), pastor resumes. Given the challenges that we are facing due to the current health crisis, we will have to be “creative” to complete this step. We have already begun screening some PIF’s. This will be a long and detailed exercise as we evaluate potentially hundreds of resumes to identify our next pastor. We covet your prayers as we continue the work that you have entrusted to our committee.

Grace and peace, Don Cherry, PNC Chairman

On March 1, 2020 a Congregational Meeting was held to elect a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC).

The members elected were: Sterling Byrd-Roberts, Richard (Rick) Harrell, Joni Owens, Colter Wickemeyer and Donald (Don) Cherry.

The pastor nominating committee (PNC), representative of the whole congregation and elected by the congregation, has the ultimate responsibility for nominating a minister to the congregation for election as the next pastor or associate pastor. Over a number of months, the PNC will journey through the pastoral search process, seeking to hear the call of Christ and “to participate in God’s own choice” for our next pastor.