International Missions

 Matthew and Teresa Lee

Wycliffe Bible Translators is an international and interdenominational Christian organization striving to translate the Bible into each language and dialect that needs it. Wycliffe provides a crucial service to the Church; every congregation needs the Rock of scripture to stand firm.


Persecution Project

Persecution Project Foundation (PPF) brings physical relief and spiritual hope to victims of war, genocide, and religious persecution, with emphasis on the nation of Sudan.  To that end, PPF is involved in distributing relief supplies, such as medical, food, clothing and shelter materials. In all things, the emphasis is in promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ while helping others. Therefore, PPF trains pastors, supports local schools, helps in the construction of ministry buildings, and distributes Bibles and other Christian literature. We also equip the local church with motorbikes and bicycles to aid in evangelistic efforts. In the Nuba mountain region of Southern Kordofan, PPF has also established a Borehole Repair Program, which restores broken wells to provide clean, safe drinking water to local communities. PPF’s mission objectives are based on Isaiah 58 and Mark 12:29-31.