Theological Principles that are important to us are:

  1. As Christians, we believe in the sovereignty of God. God is almighty, all-knowing, all- loving, and everlasting.
  2. The Trinity — God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit — is a key to how we understand and relate to God.
  3. We believe that the Bible is our “only infallible rule of faith and practice.” It is the Word of God and shows the way of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ as Savior.
  4. The Church gathers to worship, learn, and be equipped to live and share the Gospel with others.
  5. All that we have is God’s. Therefore, God calls us to give regularly and proportionally of our time, talents, and resources for the work of the Kingdom.
  6. The “we” of Christianity is very important to us. God’s people are in a covenant relationship and can grow and encourage and minister together precisely because of God’s work in this community.
  7. A key emphasis of the Presbyterian Church has always been education. We have an ordained clergy, stress education and learning for our children, and must never stop learning as adults. Christian education is the call of every Christian.
  8. A cornerstone of the ministry of the church is Outreach. God has given us the gift of Life to share with others. We are called to seek ways to reach out in the community and world in a regular and creative manner as God leads us.
  9. Since its foundation, this church has sought to live out the Christian faith, share the gospel, and seek others to join in that mission.

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