C.W. & Leslie Bing

Water for the Oppressed

2019 – As many of you know we had provided support for C.W. and Leslie Bing through their organization, Water for the Oppressed, in Zambia.  However, last year they were not able to return to Africa because the government in Zambia would not renew their permits.  As a result, the Bing’s have remained in Virginia where C.W. has accepted a call to serve as pastor to a church.  While we are no longer providing support for the Bing’s, we chose to continue to support the education of young students in Zambia.

Our prayer is that at some time in the future the Bings will be able to return to Africa and continue their work.

Water for the Oppressed (WFTO) is a faith based organization focused on meeting the needs of the oppressed by providing clean drinking water. WFTO was formed in 2005 after C.W. Bing returned from Africa and realized the tremendous need for clean water and how the love of God could be demonstrated through meeting these water needs. In May 2006, WFTO was incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. We are now moving forward in ministering to the people of Zambia, Africa by drilling water wells and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

C.W. and Leslie would like to share with you what the Lord Jesus Christ has made possible through their lives. C.W. and Leslie accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior early in life. They were married in 1987 and have one son, Claude. In the years following their marriage, C.W. and Leslie matured together in their Christian faith. C.W. served the local church in such roles as deacon, Sunday school teacher and interim pastor while Leslie served as Sunday school teacher and WMU director.

In 1994, Bing’s Well Drilling, Inc. was established and served the residential and commercial community for many years. The Lord blessed C.W. and Leslie with a successful business which provided the freedom to be involved in foreign mission outreach. They were able to minister in such areas as Mexico, South America, and Africa. It was during C.W.’s work in Sudan repairing and drilling water wells that the Lord called him and Leslie to full time mission outreach in Africa. In October 2005, the Lord laid it upon their hearts to dissolve Bing’s Well Drilling, Inc. On December 30th, 2005, C.W. and Leslie officially closed their well drilling business in order to become full-time missionaries to Zambia, Africa. The Lord closed one door and opened another by leading them to establish a non-profit ministry, Water for the Oppressed, Inc. The ministry vision is to reach the people of Zambia with water for the body and “living water” for the spirit. We are now moving forward in ministering to the people of Zambia, Africa by drilling water wells and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Our 2011 Christmas Mission Project was to provide funding for Hand Pump Repairs.  Check out the projects we helped.



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(434) 447-3396- Office
(434) 755-5348 – CW
(434) 430-0714 – Leslie
Zambia – 011 260 955 354530
Zambia (Alternate) – 011 260 968 444061


Water for the Oppressed
PO Box 97
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Water for the Oppressed
PO Box 35283
Lusaka, Zambia 10101


C.W. – cw@wfto.cc

Leslie – leslie@wfto.cc