Posted by Rev. Russell Lee

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God does his wonderful work day by day, and many never see it.  Perhaps one of the reasons why is that we are stubbornly listening.

A long time ago a farmer wanted to buy a mule from his neighbor.  He asked the neighbor if the mule had any problems.

“No problem,” the neighbor said.  “This mule will do anything you ask.  All you have to do is ask him nicely.”

He bought the mule.  The very next day the farmer wanted to plow his field.  He hitched the mule to the plow.  The mule would not move.

The farmer said, “Git up!”  But the mule paid no attention.  The farmer tried talking nicely until his face was turning blue.  It did no good.  So, he called his neighbor over.

The neighbor came, over, heard the problem, then walked over and picked up a two-by-four.  He hit the mule right in the head and the mule fell down on the ground.  When the mule got up, he whispered in the animal’s ear.  That mule started plowing back and forth the field, turning the soil over without anyone standing behind the plow.

“I thought you said never to mistreat your mule,” stated the farmer.  “You said all that I had to do was to talk nicely to him.”

“Yes,” answered the neighbor.  “But first you have to  get his attention.”

Sometimes God has to get our attention.  It may be a phrase in the sermon on Sunday morning, a story we read in the newspaper, a comment online.

It could be in the midst of a difficult time for us.  A big decision, a tragedy, a personal loss.

There is so much more God can do in and through us, and many are as stubborn as a mule, never waking up to divine possibilities, never seeking the miracle and power and love that God makes possible on his heavenly ranch.

Perhaps we should all pray that God would get our attention sooner rather than later.   For when he finally does, and we see the marvelous plowing and harvest before us, there is no looking back!