Posted by Rev. Russell Lee



When God’s spirit hovers on bread and wine, they become holy.  In fact, they become the body of Jesus Christ.

When we gather and bless a meal in Jesus’ name, it becomes a blessing, and takes on heavenly note.

When we build a picnic shelter and bless it for ministry, gatherings there become holy, different than those of the world, and it becomes holy.

Picnic turns to communion, and communion becomes God’s people at their best.

When we think a thought, and it is inspired by God, it becomes a heavenly thought.

And when we think, eat, or speak in worship, those earthly actions become heavenly realities.  Psalm 34:8 shows us how to taste and see what God can do.


Let the things you do become holy by their closeness to God, and you will see ordinary situations turn into miracles.

An, Lord Knows, our world needs miracles.

Blessings and Peace,