Posted by Rev. Russell Lee


There is so much confusion in our world as to what is right and wrong.   People do not know how to treat each other, and react in inappropriate ways all to often.

We must return to a knowledge of the Bible, and the perspective and guidance it can bring to everyday life.  As it has in every generation, it will transform society, and give us the balance and hope we desperately seek.

II Timothy 3:16-17 reminds of the authority of scripture, and tells us that we can count on it, we can bank on it, and it can help us grow as Christians.

So read the Bible on a regular basis.  Go to church where it is the authority above all.  And know the wonder, grace, and love which happens when God’s word bears fruit in our lives.

God’s word is available online in many versions.  I challenge you to download You Bible or You Verse on your smartphone, and start a reading plan to day for smart spiritual growth.

Here is a link to the Upper Room, where you can start right now.

Grace and Peace,